Financing your Real Estate object at the Moselle

In case you have planned to finance your new premises, catering object or tenement house with a mortgage then Hollander-Makler is happy to find together with their German mortgage specialist the mortgage that fits you and your circumstances best. Also the then needed taxation we can take care of. In most cases only an own capital of 10% of your financing needs is enough to formulate a request for financing. And even in case you cannot fulfil this requirement we can assist you in finding other ways to get financial coverage.

You can of course also finance your real estate in various other ways, such as:

  • Personal capital
  • Mortgage with a bank in your home country
  • A number of Dutch banks provide “German Mortgages”, but please consider these solutions not as the most cost effective.
  • A personal loan in your home country
  • A mortgage on the basis of hypothecate securities with a bank of your choice

 The Request for a Mortgage

With the request for a mortgage at a German institution most of the time one has to provide, via a form, extensive evidence of ones financial situation. This form among others must show:

For those in paid employment:

  • Information on already provided mortgages and loans
  • Information on other financial obligations
  • Information on own capital
  • Information on the identity of the requester (copy passport)
  • Information on tangible securities
  • Recent salary slips
  • The preliminary purchase contract

For independent entrepreneurs

  • The financial books from the last 3 business years
  • Tax declaration from the last 3 years
  • Information on own capital
  • The preliminary purchase contract

Amortization free mortgages are generally not provide in Germany. It is common rule to amortize the whole mortgage within 15 to 25 years.

   Our sale offer:

Characteristic house with beautiful old elements in Ediger-Eller

Reference no. 4937
City: Ediger Eller
Price: € 259.000

Well-kept B&B with operator's apartment directly on the Moselle

Reference no. 5662
City: Brutig-Fankel
Price: € 399.000
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