Notary Public

In Germany a difference is made between movable property and immovable property or real estate. It, for instance does not always speak for itself that the kitchen is included in the price. The Hollander-Makler will produce for you an overview of what is included and what is not included in the price and what eventual taking-over costs will be of quoted movable property.

In the record or deed made up by the notary public among others the following facts will be laid down:

  • Personal identification data of the buyer
  • Personal identification data of the seller
  • Cadastral data of the property
  • Purchase amount and how to settle
  • Easement, ground lease, chain or succession consequences
  • Mortgages
  • Seizes
  • Privileges and facilities
  • Transition date
  • How risk insurance of the property has been settled

When everything is clear by both parties involved then the deed is signed by parties (or he who has mandate)

Other obligations of the notary public are:

  • Investigate whether all necessary licences have been granted for the property
  • Provide information on possible easements on the real estate
  • Investigate and provide information on possible mortgages, tax debts or other burdens still effective on the real estate
  • Is the real estate subject of “preservation of monuments” (National Trust or the like)
  • Inform the responsible public services about the changes in ownership
  • Inform the relevant tax offices
  • Request a transfer of ownership at the “Grundbuch” (property register) 

Obligations of the Buyer

The buyer has the obligation to check the conditions of the…………

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Detached house in a sunny location with lots of privacy in Lütz

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City: Lütz
Price: € 329.000
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