Additional Costs for the Buyer

  • Costs of the Real Estate Agent

They are not the same everywhere in Germany. In the Eifel, Moseley and Hunsrück Region it is common that as well the seller as the buyer pay 3% brokerage excl. VAT. 

  • Costs of the Notary Public from 1,5% onwards and in accordance with a tariff list as published by the authorities. Extra services will be charges as extras.
  • As well the costs of the “Sper Vorwerk” as the costs of registration with the new owner’s name in the “Grundbuch” will be charged.
  • Costs for the “Sper Vorwerk”, depending on which community, will be between € 30,- and 50,-. Registration in the “Grundbuch” from € 100,- upwards.
  • The community will charge about € 30,- for producing a record in which they state that they have no first right of purchase or if the have, not claim this right.
  • The transfertax amounts 3.5% from the net purchase price of the property. However your Hollander-Makler will do its utmost to formulate conditions which will decrease this tax.
  • When you, for instance, have your main-income from activities outside Germany and are as such part of this outside Germany tax regime, then, under certain conditions, your mortgage interest and related costs can be deducted from your fiscal income.
  • Commission charges for your mortgage.

When you obtain a mortgage in the Netherlands or get an increase of your existing mortgage in the Netherlands via your bank relation in the Netherlands then the commission typically is 1%. (Excluding the costs of the notary public and registration in the mortgage register)

  • We from Hollander-Makler can also service the financing of your property. Opposite to other in Germany active estate agents we from Hollander-Makler generally can take care of the financing of your newly acquired property up to 100%.
  • This is not done, as in the Netherlands, by filling out a questionnaire which then, by one button push, is sent to some 10 financial institutions. Who then give it a glance and give with at the end a “green or red light”. No, this takes time and personal attention with dedication while considering your private and personal situation. Therefore we charge a fee of 1,5% (ex VAT) for providing you a financing with top conditions. Furthermore we generally will take care of this mortgage before signing the purchase contract, enabling us to combine the services of the notary public at your benefit.  
   Our sale offer:

Well-kept B&B with operator's apartment directly on the Moselle

Reference no. 5662
City: Brutig-Fankel
Price: € 399.000

Detached house in a sunny location with lots of privacy in Lütz

Reference no. 5686
City: Lütz
Price: € 329.000

Well-maintained house with 2 holiday flats in Zell on the Moselle

Reference no. 5019
City: Zell (Mosel)
Price: € 239.000
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